What Makes Our PVC Fences Superior

The top ten reasons Security Fence Company’s PVC materials are superior to our competitor’s.

Why Choose PVC Fencing from Security Fence Company, Red Lion, PANot all fence referred to as ‘PVC’ is PVC. 

Many big box stores, local fence companies and landscapers attempt to sell fencing that is a composite material wrapped in PVC.  The composite material is made up from recycled materials that include plastic bags and ground up replacement window frames.  This makes up the bulk of their product which can be unstable due to the different components expanding and contracting at different rates.  This can cause cracking and structural failure.  Security Fence Company’s PVC is composed 100% Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC).  No cracking, no structural failure.

Import PVC and lead poisoning has been a serious problem in the industry. 

Much of the PVC manufactured in Asia and third world countries contains so much lead it can actually leach into the ground water.  Fortunately the EPA and DER were made aware of the situation and are working diligently to test and remove the contaminated product.  Security Fence Company’s PVC is manufactured with PVC resin formed in the USA and all of our extrusions come from US manufacturing plants.  No imports = No contaminated products.

No exposed fasteners on PVC fencing from Security Fence Company, Red Lion, PA

No screws, no brackets, no exposed fasteners: A trademark of Security Fence Company PVC. 

We were one of the first in the industry over 20 years ago to construct our fence styles without unsightly and expensive exterior screws and brackets.  Our philosophy is you can’t have a maintenance free fence if you use pointed screws and brackets to hold it together. 

PVC from Security Fence Company stays clean and sleek.

You wouldn’t stand in the sun every day for years without sunscreen, would you?  Well neither does Security Fence Company’s PVC.  Our products contain titanium dioxide which is why ours stays clean and sleek through the years and some of our competitor’s turn gray and rough.

Check out our styles and pictures in the PVC Fencing Photo Gallery to see the superior appearance of Security Fence Company’s PVC.

PVC fencing from Security Fence Company of Red Lion - superior to othersNo corner, end or line post inserts required.

Thin wall posts which require inserts to stabilize the fence will crack and fail within a short period of time.  Security Fence Company PVC corner, end and line posts do not require inserts; they are a minimum wall thickness of .135”.

Gluing pickets to a fence just doesn’t work. 

I’m sure in your neighborhood you can find a person who bought the wrong PVC fence.  The pickets are falling off.  This is most prevalent with the big box store products who are attempting to emulate our appearance of no exposed fasteners.  Unfortunately, glue is not a solution.  Ask your Security Fence Company PVC representative to show you the positive locking hidden fasteners we use.  You’ll be impressed and your pickets will stay on your fence, not on the ground.

PVC fencing from Security Fence Company - Red Lion, PA - stands out from the restNo ugly rusting on a PVC fence from Security Fence Company.

Our PVC uses all stainless steel gate hardware which is powder-coated.  This process prevents rust because a PVC fence with rust running down the post or gate is not attractive.

Always a written waranty with Security Fence Company PVC

If they won’t put their guarantee in writing, it’s not a guarantee.  Security Fence Company will provide a written limited lifetime warranty on any of our Security Fence Company PVC styles.

PVC fences from Security Fence Company - Red Lion, PA - offer stable gateposts and much moreStable gate posts with no sagging

Security Fence Company PVC uses aluminum inserts to prevent sagging of sections and extra stability in gate posts.  Kids, dogs and bad neighbors abuse fencing by trying to go over, around, under and through it.  By adding aluminum extrusions to the structural points of the fence, Security Fence Company PVC will stand up to the abuse.

Extrusions that interlock are necessary for structural integrity. 

Security Fence Company PVC utilizes this practice at every possible junction.  Even our tongue and groove privacy boards have a positive interlock as opposed to our competition who simply butt board to board.  This is why Security Fence Company PVC withstands the test of time and attacks from the elements.

Here at Security Fence Company in Red Lion, PA, our knowledgeable and experienced staff can answer your questions and help you explore your fencing options so that you choose just the right type of fence for your property and lifestyle.  Why not call or e-mail us at your convenience to discuss how  fencing can improve your property and enhance your lifestyle?

If you prefer, you can visit our showroom in Red Lion, PA so that we can better explain how the fencing material of your choice can enhance your home's security and property value.

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